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Screen shots

Main window

Budgets appear in a separate window.

Auto-Window Tracking
TimeSlice will automatically start and stop time records based on this information.

Setting them, and reviewing the amounts used.


Edit Time Record
This window can remain open all the time giving you complete control of each time record.

A note from one of our many happy customers:

Congratulations on TimeSlice 3!

I have demanding time entry requirements. I am an attorney, of counsel in a law firm. Thus, I need to keep accurate time records for the work I do on their matters, and they dictate how, and in what format it is delivered.

You've brought me back to being enthusiastic about TS again, after many years. It is feature rich and flexible enough to accommodate my varied needs. I am especially thrilled about TS ability to be customized for export in a variety of formats. I recently tried the RTF export. It was fantastic. It will save me many non-revenue producing hours that I can hopefully trade for revenue producing hours.

Bob Carr
Dow Lohnes & Alberston PLLC
1200 New Hampshire Ave NW Ste 800
Washington DC 20036


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